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    Saturday, 15 February 2014

    YouTube new iPhone iOS 6 loans are available for download in the AppStore

    Google, Apple and the participants, the inability of participants to update their applications 5 years of the cases, which led to Google Maps and YouTube apps were removed from the next iOS 6 will be shipping with the iPhone 5, this time YouTube has launched a new application in the AppStore.

    AppStore apps new version seems to be more refined and has more features than the previous couple of years under iOS integrated Youtube, which is understandable. With YouTube being removed from the package of 6 pre-installed iOS apps will now have to compete against other well-established for download in the AppStore applications, because users will have to manually find and install the iPhone applications after upgrading to iOS putting YouTube 6. YouTube participant’s new iPhone app includes voice search, better integration of social media (Google+ natural striking social media services) and definitely more advertising than ever before, new applications are now pushing ads upcoming video video playback, something that I agree with the previous grouping Apple apparently is strictly prohibited.

    Overall, YouTube, iPhone applications from new participants thinner than the previous iteration, but it does come at the cost of some additional announcements that you need to watch. Compromise is worth? Let us know in the comments

    Youtube, AOS new applications on the iOS AppStore

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    Monday, 10 February 2014

    IPhone Computerworld names most innovative products of 2007.

    Apple iPhone

    selected by Computer World as the most innovative product of 2007. The first on the list of 25 most innovative products taken by Google Gears. Google Gears is a Windows application that allows designers to create a service for versions that still work when your PC does not have an internet connection.

    iPhone wins the award for “Gee-whiz touch-screen interface and Spartan housing ‘.

     5-iphones. jpg

    Computerworld wrote about the iPhone,” Apple has navigate through-touchscreen definitely become a staple in future PDA phones and other small appliances intuitive and fun. make your iPhone Safari mobile Web devices combine (at least when you can get free Wi-Fi.) And, of course, many phones play music, but crank Close. flow of iPhone up to 11 as a music player “ It is also important to mention that other products Apple:. Time Machine on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) takes fourth

    Thanks: www.intomobile.com

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    Wednesday, 5 February 2014

    After the embarrassment released, Expo 2010 Shanghai Find nearest YMCA – Android iPhone World 30/04/2010

    iPhoneWorld.ca writing.

    dam offers loan to download over 96 annoying sounds, including vomiting, barking and belching
    http://forum.iphoneworld.ca/iphone-programs- application / disorder -free-2-out-now-118155.html

    Learn all the secrets you missed the Expo 2010 in Shanghai with a new application for Touch, iPhone iPod, and iPad.

    YMCA Finder app for the iPhone launch. Now you can always find the YMCA nearest within twenty kilometers.
    Http :/ / forum.iphoneworld.ca/iphone-appstore/ymca-finder-navigation-iphone-app-free-118412.html

    STV News app will keep you informed of all the news while all that is Scottish and topical including news, weather and much more. http://forum.iphoneworld.ca/iphone-appstore/stv-news-news-iphone-app-free-118414.html

    Actioncam iPhone app has been designed specifically to take photos with your iPhone action devices. Nothing moves too fast for you to get a blow

    New reference app, says or does not help you to check words against dictionary tournament scrabble for official matches.

    rhythmic iPhone app gives you the ability to share the track information of songs Your iPhone gadget with a friend.
    http://forum.iphoneworld.ca/iphone-appstore/ rhythmic-music-iphone-app-free-118406.html

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    Thursday, 30 January 2014

    IPhone Games 30/11/11: Saving Yello, Doodle Sprint, Charmed, Flick Kick Rugby and much more!

    day November 30, 2011 compilation of the coolest Games, from the App Store:


    Yello – iPhone Game (PAID)
    Yello, helpless goldfish thank you for your 7-year owner, Mathilda who loves playing with him outside his beloved bowl. You have to throw Yello back to safety. Get even and destroy Mathilda toys along the way!


    Doodle! – The iPhone Game (PAID)
    Run, Jump and Roll your way to the highest score. This game is so much fun and addictive. You do not want to let go!

    Charmed – iPhone Game (PAID)
    Charmed will captivate you with play action of exceptional gravity, Charm-matching at the 40 level unique. Rotate your device in all 4 orientations to change the direction of gravity! Play it once and you’ll be hooked

    Flick Kick Rugby

    – iPhone Game (PAID)
    Are you score the game winning shot? Flick Kick Rugby ™ provides an intuitive, quick to play, on the go fun. Playing for a few minutes or a few hours

    Spite and Malice

    HD – iPhone Game (PAID)
    Race your opponent to play cards from your pile. Block your opponent when you can. Buy now and release your inner Still. Competition is intensifying with new turn online multiplayer! Although Malice supports up to 15 games with friends or random opponents at a time. Playing on the road, and receive notifications when it is your turn to be a cunningly


    -! IPhone Game (FREE!)
    WORDLANDS is a treasure hunting game wrapped in a speech said. Earn points and prizes along the way that will help you move into the Promised Land. Make as many words in two minutes, but be careful of the Word Pyramid, a special challenge that tests the speed and accuracy of word-creation. If you can pass the Word Pyramid, you earn bonus themes and can continue your journey

    DinerTown Zoo -. IPhone Game (FREE!)
    Join Flo hit game Diner Dash and build your own zoo with cute animals on the App Store! More than just adorable faces, the animals DinerTown Zoo play video games, do yoga, juggle, dance, and more!

    Gelato Mania – iPhone Game (FREE!)
    you an ice cream nut? Then watch you do not drool, we present to you an ice cream deco puzzle that perfect will drive you crazy. It is a new type of puzzle game with cute designs and challenging stages. Bring your creativity simply decorating gelato with naughty sweet-looking toppings

    The Simon game -. IPhone Game (FREE!) The game
    Simon is a brilliant implementation of the classic family favorite, took it to the next level with six different sounds, and not computer-generated sequence 4.The each into faster turn – it will make you crazy! What is the longest sequence that you can hold in your head? The sooner you can repeat the sequence correctly, the more points you get.

    My Pet Puppy – iPhone Game (FREE!)
    This application is designed for kids who love dogs. You can touch the dog on the head, tickle his feet, and interact with him, enjoying the adorable expressions and behavior as a puppy. It sounds funny and easy handling! >> Are you an iPhone apps / games developer / publisher? Do you want your product will be featured in the preparation of our daily news? Then post in the forum and we’ll post it here!

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    Saturday, 25 January 2014

    Russian distributor first iPhone was announced.

    Thursday second operator VimpelCom, Russia announced: “VimpelCom today announced that it has signed an agreement with Apple for the iPhone 3G in Russia, more planned later this year”. VimpelCom distribution agreement has been made official thirst company distributes the iPhone in Russia. According to Russian media MobileTeleSystems (largest operator) and MegaFon plans to start selling the iPhone in Russia at the end of the year

    style = “text-align: center;”.> Russia-iphone.jpg

    So, what is the estimated sales figures An analyst at Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin said:? “Total sales of the three major carriers to rise to 3.5 million iPhones over the next two years” With 600,000 iPhone has been used and the new price of 24,000 rubles officials ($ 399). some analysts as Ivan Shuvalov (Alfa Bank) states that if it seems high distributors will not reach intended targets


    : Reuters

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    Sunday, 19 January 2014

    Apple iPhone is not based on the Marvell XScale CPU?

    While CEO of Italy two weeks ago Intel said that the upcoming Apple iPhone will run on the Xscale processor (which was originally developed by Intel, but later sold to Marvell last year), intelligent people in Infinite Loop references were analyzed and a recent post by one of the employees of Apple announced that Apple will contribute some code to open the project LLVM ARM backend source:

    “The enhancements include support for ARM v4/v6, VFP support, Softfloat, pre / postinc support, load / store multiple generations, constant pool entrance motion (to support the functionality), and support for ABI darwin / arm. addition to supporting the ARM backend now supports code generation for instructions Thumb game, which is actually a code generator an entirely new and different “Written. it.

    Smart people at Infinite Loop noted that XScale ARM VFP coprocessor does not support the extension. In addition, they realize that an Apple employee wrote on ARM v4/v6 support, while the XScale ARM is v5.

    This leads them to believe that the iPhone will be supported by Samsung, XScale, and not, as initially announced

    Source: .. Infinite Loop

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    Tuesday, 14 January 2014

    Download: XviD4PSP v5.035 video converter for iPhone

    After downloading

    Movies2iPhone our iPhone World is proud to bring you the latest version (v5.035) Program XviD4PSP video to iPhone Converter

    Here. software is free, and allows you to transfer video files to MP4 format that the iPhone will be able to recognize and play.

    This software only works on computers running Windows operating systems.
    You must have Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0 installed first, and this program only works on Windows XP and higher.

    XviD4PSP v5.035 (Windows)
    Download XviD4PSP v5.035 (Windows)

    NOTE: A new version of XviD4PSP IS NOW AVAILABLE. Take HERE

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    Wednesday, 8 January 2014

    New Release: Scosche Solar Bluetooth Handsfree solCHAT

    Scosche, maker of the iPod and iPhone accessories lot, published a solar speaker. This is perfect for the car, allowing you hands-free calling. You will not have to worry about the burden that the sun will do it for you!

    center “>  cbhsol

    solCHAT sells for $ 99.99 and you can get good at Best Buy or directly from Scosche.

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