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    Thursday, 3 January 2013

    How to block websites on android/iPhone/iPad, chrome/Safari/Firefox

    If you have children, you may want to block unsafe websites like adult sites, porn sites, gaming sites, video sites and so it's easy to block any Web site from the OpenDNS. This allows you to limit the websites on any computer or router, or you can set it up in minutes.

    Each child gets their own Tablet as the Nexus 7/10, HD, iPad, light a fire, it is important to monitor what they can access on the Internet. You can have limits on your kids download apps using mature ratings. But if they have access to a browser, they can do anything.

    Instead of blocking websites in the browser, device, android or iOS device, you can block websites on a router. This allows all your kids device including Xbox, Wii, Android tablet, iPad, etc. to be safe to use.

    How to block websites on android tablets, phones, iPad, iPhone, browsers
    OpenDNS parental controls makes it easier to block unwanted sites. It's free. You need to modify your dns to use OpenDNS, so it can do its magic. He has several options, including a set of & forget to block adult sites or more custom option for Web filtering.

    OpenDNS home:
    1. go to the OpenDNS home page setup, select which device you want to block websites on. You can block websites on a single computer, Windows PC, Mac or iPad, Wii, etc.

    2. you can block Web sites directly on the router instead of on separate devices. OpenDNS has instructions for most routers.

    OpenDNS FamilyShield:
    1. allows you to block pre-defined FamilyShield adult sites. You can install it & forget it. New sites are added to the filter automatically. This is the easiest way to block adult sites.

    After you configure any of the options listed above, make sure to flush dns to flush the dns cache. You can also clear the cache in browsers. You can test it by going here for OpenDNS home or here for FamilyShield.

    Configuring OpenDNS takes a few minutes, and you are free from unsafe content. This method works all Android tablets, including the Nexus 7/10, Samsung Tab, light a fire, etc. and other tablets like the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, etc.

    Also Read how to configure parental controls for android tablets and phones Source


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