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    Sunday, 21 April 2013

    How to make phone calls from Nexus 7 or Samsung Tab

    If you plan to use the new tablet Nexus 7 or Android as the galaxy tab2, you have two choices to make and receive calls, send SMS messages via wifi without paying or using cellular minutes. You can use Skype to make and receive calls, video calls, send and receive messages to other Skype users. You can call numbers from landline or mobile with Skype Credit or a monthly unlimited subscription with as little as $ 3. You must be logged into Skype for Android receives a call. It works on most tablets, including the Nexus 7, Samsung Tab, etc, most smart phones.

    Turn off Nexus tablet or 7 Android Tablet Tab as a phone

    Because Skype is the way now, if you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you can use Android applications as IP Grove Talkatone Lite in conjunction with Google Voice to make calls limited free wifi. This app connects to Google Voice over VOIP.

    If you can not use Google Voice you can use SIP client on Android-based Samsung Nexus Tab 7 tablet or you are popular, etc. free SIP customers including CSipSimple Android Apps, android paid SipDroidor sip clients like VoIP softphone Bria.

    To make or receive phone calls sip-based, you must have a SIP account with a SIP provider as OnSip, IPPI, MondoTalk, Bluetone, etc in the world sipgate SIP providers including Pbxes.org IPTel, Ekiga etc.

    For more tablets than phones. It would be awkward holding the phone, etc. You can buy a Bluetooth headset Amazon src to make it easy to make calls on a Nexus tablet as 7! Tab 2 and Samsung, etc.

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